Commit fb1b9f24 by maaf

Add a minor modification to LeastSquare.cpp due to GSL-2.7

parent 807374c6
......@@ -71,7 +71,9 @@ void OW3DSeakeeping::leastSquareFitting(
status = gsl_multifit_test_delta(s->dx, s->x, 1e-4, 1e-4);
} while (status == GSL_CONTINUE && iter < 1000);
gsl_multifit_covar(s->J, 0.0, covar);
gsl_matrix *J = gsl_matrix_alloc(n, p);
gsl_multifit_fdfsolver_jac(s, J);
gsl_multifit_covar(J, 0.0, covar);
#define FIT(i) gsl_vector_get(s->x, i)
#define ERR(i) sqrt(gsl_matrix_get(covar, i, i))
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